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This isn't the actual game, but the aim carrom mod apk is an app that can be used to help with the carrom game.
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April 2, 2023
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Aim Carrom Mod Apk Download

Aim carrom mod apk is an advance tool to play carrom pool. It is one of the best games for those who like playing traditional games such as carrom. It offers the same gameplay experience you had playing on a real carrom board. You may not be able to experience the same feeling but playing the game and enhancing your aiming abilities can be done on an android device. It is a game-based app that will assist you in taking better shots and being more successful in games. If you are playing carrom, or with online opponents, it is a great method to ensure a good experience. Download the app and be successful.

Aim Carrom Apk Gameplay

This application is not an actual game, but it’s a tool that helps you win all games in carrom pool. Aim carrom has smooth gameplay and allows everyone to play simultaneously. Carrom employs the same strategy as the game of billiards. You shoot balls into holes. In this instance, they’re called discs. In contrast to billiards, up to four players can participate in carrom. Each player is given discs that have the same number that you must shoot into one of the holes. In contrast to billiards, the square table is designed in a way that it’s smaller than a billiard table. Additionally, players cannot shoot the primary disc at a specific spot on the table.
Additionally, you should use only the discs that you typically shoot that have the same color or pattern as the others to differentiate them. If you randomly drop discs of the other players to the ground, they’ll also receive the same score. Therefore, this is a game that requires very precise and deliberate playing with the discs. The person who is the first to place all of their discs into the hole wins! In the carrom pool game, you can place bets on a specific amount of coins. You will receive it if you are successful in winning the game. It makes it more thrilling while playing live players in real time!

Aim Carrom Apk Features:

Improve your odds to win

It is a tool to enhance your ability to see. In the end, you can easily predict where the ball is going to go. The device is precise and visible, which helps players to focus precisely. You can now score more wins without losing your identity.

Safe to use

Aim carrom is a safe game. It is free of dangerous components that could compromise the safety of your phone.

Simple order

The game features simple controls that are simple to master. It is as simple as pressing the screen. No matter if you’re a novice or experienced, you’ll be able to play the game easily.

Smooth and offline gameplay

With the smoothness of gameplay, it’s more effortless than ever before to use your aiming abilities as pucks. It runs effortlessly on your device, without any problems.
Furthermore, it is possible to play this game with no internet connectivity. In the offline mode, you can try your carrom skills against ai bots and have fun playing the game.

Aim assist

By using the aim assist mode, you will be able to quickly determine the correct goal to place the pucks into the holes. The aim assist will show you exactly where to help you mark your target efficiently. The most appealing aspect of the feature is it can aid you to play effectively and win matches easily.

Indirect shot assist

With the support for indirect shots, it is now simpler to insert several pucks into the holes to make the game more exciting. This feature allows you to insert several pucks into the holes, and get an advantage right away against other players.

Aim Carrom Mod Apk

Aim carrom is also available in its mod version. It was developed through aim carrom and it is extremely easy to use on all android devices. In the most recent version, you’ll receive all of its indirect and direct shots free of charge, including brush shot, bounce shot, and numerous other indirect carrom pool shots that allows players to play carrom pool with ease and win nearly every match.

Aim Carrom Mod Features:

  • No subscription required
  • Multiple rewards
  • Autoplay feature
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • No ban
  • Well designed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is aim carrom mod apk compatible with rooted devices?

Native devices aren’t being supported right now. Although we have efficient anti-cheat tools. We take into consideration the possibility of covering any future devices.

Which one is better. Aim carom or carrom pool?

Both games are superior in different ways. However, if you’re looking to experience smooth gameplay it is aim carrom is the best game to play.

Does this game work on google id?

Yes, you can log in with facebook and also with google id. Both are working perfectly.


This isn’t the actual game, but the aim carrom mod apk is an app that can be used to help with the carrom game. You must start by installing the carrom pool game first and then download this application. It is only the way to ensure that the application will function for you on the device. Therefore, download it and use it in conjunction with your carrom pool game now.

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